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    Mountain Dulcimers

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  • Mountain Dulcimers

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    Mountain Dulcimers

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Custom Built Electric Guitars

The fine craftsmanship that Bob Gernandt puts into every instrument he builds has customers asking him to build various types of custom stringed instruments. Requests for solid body and hollow body electric guitars has increased.

Most of the custom electric guitars are co-created with the customer, so every detail can be decided upon in order to give them their own special one-of-a-kind "DREAM GUITAR".

Gernandt was influenced by the retro 60's and 70's guitar designs. He uses this in his design with a modern approach added. Because of the wonderful sound quality not found in modern electric guitar pickups, Bob will sometimes use older pickups from a bygone era. However, these classic pickups have a limited availability.

If you are interested in talking with Bob about the custom made electric guitar of your dreams, call 828-488-1144 or contact us by email here.


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