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Mountain Dulcimers - Teardrop Dulcimers

Anyone who can hum or sing a tune can easily learn to play it on the dulcimer. A diatonic fret scale makes it one of the easiest stringed instruments for playing melodies. However, it is not limited to this most basic playing style, but becomes a very complex instrument in the hands of experienced acoustic musicians.

Gernandt hand builds four Standard Models of mountain dulcimers - the Concert Dulcimer, Hourglass Dulcimer, Teardrop Dulcimer, and other dulcimers. Each handcrafted dulcimer has its own unique blend of sound and aesthetics.

Custom Built Teardrop Dulcimers

The Teardrop Dulcimer provides well-balanced tone and volume. It has a 27.5-inch scale length. The body dimensions are the same as the Hourglass Dulcimer, only in a teardrop form. This produces a slightly quieter less full tone instrument. Most people choose this model for its aesthetic quality rather than its tone.

Gernandt handcrafts each and every stringed instrument to fit the preferences and personality of its owner. The Teardrop Model comes standard with a four strings (double melody, single middle, single bass). Other string options are available. All mountain dulcimers come with a six and one half fret. Other frets are available on request.

If you are interested in speaking with Bob Gernandt about a custom built teardrop dulcimer, please feel free to call us at 828-488-1144, or contact us by email here.

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